March 2014

IPSE DIXIT: Partially True Tales from the Litigation Trenches

Posted: March 19, 2014 by Jennifer L. Rowlett
The Very True Tale of the Courtroom Cowboy

Enforceability of an Oral Settlement Agreement

Posted: March 18, 2014 by Emily F. Belanger
Is an oral agreement to settle a claim enforceable?  Yes.  In the case of Clark v. Elza, the Maryland Court of Appeals took a look at the enforceability of oral settlement agreements

Maryland Court of Appeals Sticks With “Limited Voir Dire”

Posted: March 18, 2014 by Abby V. Uzupis
On February 21, 2014 the Court of Appeals in Pearson v. State declined to abandon the doctrine of “limited voir dire” in favor of “intelligent use voir dire,” which is followed by an overwhelming majority of jurisdictions in the United States.

My Dog Isn't Vicious, I Can Prove It

Posted: March 04, 2014 by Jennifer A. King
The Maryland Senate recently passed Senate Bill 247 which would overturn Tracey v. Solesky, a 2012 decision of Maryland’s highest court imposing strict liability for owners of pit bulls.

Maryland to Triple or Reduce Non-Economic Damages? Two Bills with Competing Purposes

Posted: March 03, 2014 by Erin Hebert Cancienne
There are two important House Bills in this legislative session that could affect recovery of non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases.  Non-economic damages are damages that are not associated with a specific expense.  For example, pain and suffering are two of the categories of non-economic damages.  While the bills both affect non-economic damages, the purposes are at odds with each other.


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