Summer 2016

By Mark A. Kohl
Claims involving intoxicated drivers raise a host of issues and concerns ranging from the effect of the intoxication on coverage to the potential that the intoxication may influence a jury’s findings on liability and damages.  One specific concern, however, varies greatly across Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia – whether the driver’s intoxication gives rise to a claim for punitive damages.
Recent Developments - Maryland
Whether A Foreign Limited Liability Company, Who is Not A "Taxpayer" Has Standing to Sue.
Insurance Law Coverage - or Lack Thereof - Has Nothing to do with Plaintiff's Injuries.
The Fraud Exception to the Statute of Limitations Cannot be Satisfied by Mere Negligence.
The Court Determines Whether a Fireworks Display is an Inherently Dangerous Activity.
In September, the Maryland Court of Appeals Will Consider a Rule Change Regarding Professional Ethics.

Recent Developments - Virginia
Statutory Changes for the UIM Carrier in Virginia.
Tolling the Statute of Limitations as it Applies to a Contractual Limitation Period.
Recent Developments - District of Columbia
Is the Condition of a Wet Floor in a Metro Station on a Rainy Day a Dangerous Condition?
Violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act as to a Private University and Its Police Department.
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