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DeCaro Doran is co-hosting an event with Rimkus Consulting Group on Friday, January 13, at Betamore, focusing on issues relating to Autonomous Vehicles and Social Media.  The seminar is free and there are still seats available. CLICK HERE for more detailed information on how to reserve your seat.

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DeCaro Doran is pleased to announce that Matthew Ranck, Erin H. Cancienne, and Jennifer L. Rowlett have been elevated to Partnership.
The principals of DeCaro Doran congratulate James Liskow on becoming the newest equity partner.

James has been with the firm since May of 2007, and was elevated to partnership in January 2015.


Virginia law provides that a plaintiff has a right to voluntarily non-suit (dismiss) a lawsuit one time, and that the plaintiff then can file a second lawsuit within six months of the non-suit even though the statute of limitations would otherwise have expired.

But can a plaintiff who has misnamed the defendant in the first suit proceed against a correctly-named defendant in a second suit?  The Virginia Supreme Court recently held that in the case of Richmond v. Volk that they could.
The Court of Appeals recently held that adults who provide alcohol to underage drinkers can be held civilly liable for any harm or death that results as a consequence. This marks the first time Maryland’s highest court has recognized what is known as “social host liability.”
In the case of Larry Klayman v. Judicial Watch, Inc., the United States District Court for the District of Columbia had to carefully consider a specific provision in a contract between Larry Klayman and Judicial Watch, Inc. 
On July 1, 2015, the Virginia legislature made a big change to the functionality of the underinsured motorist statute, which applies to policies issued or renewed on January 1, 2016 or later.  To fully understand the changes, it is helpful to compare the two.
In Perry v. Asphalt & Concrete Services, Inc., the Court of Appeals of Maryland concluded that the admission of testimony regarding a defendant’s lack of liability insurance at the time of an accident was a legal error. 
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